Springfield Whole Berry Cabernet Sauvignon


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Springfield Whole Berry Cabernet Sauvignon

Springfield Whole Berry Cabernet Sauvignon

In the time of our ancestors grapes were harvested by hand, carried to the cellar in baskets and placed uncrushed into open tanks to ferment with natural yeasts into wine. In making our Whole Berry Cabernet Sauvignon we re-enact this lost tradition. The red wine cellar has been carefully designed on a gravity flow system. There are no pumps or crushers, so that the journey of the grape into wine is undertaken in the traditional way. Whole Berry maceration is followed by fermentation with natural yeasts, racking and one year's maturation in oak barrels. The result is a velvety wine with softer tannins and classical varietal characteristics. This traditional wine is unfiltered and unfined, which may deposit a sediment and might require decanting.


Cabernet Sauvignon 20-26 year-old vines, clone CA163 on 101/14 and R99
5 t/ha


Robertson, South Africa


Harvested in March 2010 harvested at full seed ripeness 2-3 days cold maceration. Fermented uncrushed in open fermenters for 2-3 weeks. Punched through3 times daily. Pumped over 3 times daily.
15 days alcoholic fermentation
100 % malolactic fermentation
Wood maturation in new and second fill French oak
(Seguin Moreau) for 1 year
Bottled without filtration or stabilization and bottle aged for 1 year.


alcohol: 13.4% acidity: 6.25 pH: 3.3 FSO2: 30 at bottling TSO2: 100 RS: 2.0 g/l


slope: very gentle, southerly soil: rocky and chalk climate: moderate summer with low night temperatures, cold winter wind: cool south easterly ( summer )